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Member of the DPR RI Commission VI, Nyoman Parta, sees Balinese entrepreneurs as very innovative, but unfortunately they tend to be quickly satisfied with what they have achieved.

In fact, this satisfaction will actually hinder the development of his business. This was stated by Parta at the opening of the E-Commerce Training for micro-enterprises in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Sunday (26/9/2021).

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people's lifestyles to switch to shopping through E-commerce. Including micro-enterprises, now need the right strategy in the process of developing and improving the technology and information systems needed by customers in using the E-Commerce platform.

“Even without having to keep running an offline business, it must be supported by an online system. Because consumers in Bali who generally rely on tourists who previously shopped offline, during this pandemic changed the way they shop with the online system," he said.

Encouraging this, this member of the Indonesian House of Representatives from Guwang Gianyar also collaborated with the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to hold E-Commerce Training activities. Involving thirty micro-enterprises in the creative economy sector from all over Bali. The training lasted for 3 days, from Sunday (26/9/2021) to Tuesday (28/9/2021) at the Amatara Royal Ganesha Hotel Ubud, Ubud District.

On that occasion, Nyoman Parta also saw one by one the innovative products of Balinese entrepreneurs. In terms of products, he admits that entrepreneurs in Bali are very creative. It's just that he admits, capital and marketing problems are often the constrained part until now.

Therefore, through the E-Commerce Training, he hopes to open the door for entrepreneurs. Moreover, E-Commerce is currently experiencing a surge because everyone can market their products to all corners of the region just by marketing their products on the E-Commerce platform.

Even now many online buying and selling sites have sprung up, which is a sign that E-Commerce is a potential opportunity in the business world.

"My message for Balinese entrepreneurs is not to be complacent. But you must continue to be curious and want to achieve more. The success achieved now is indeed proud, but there are still more satisfying successes that can certainly be achieved, "said this PDIP politician.

Meanwhile, Representative of the Deputy for Micro Business at the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives, Devy Virdaratu, said this training was an effort to restore the national economy. In particular, efforts to increase human resources for micro business actors due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has lasted until now.

"The goal is to improve digital marketing capabilities in order to expand market segments," he explained.

During 3 days various topics of material were obtained by the participants. Starting from a basic understanding of E-Commerce, infrastructure, strategy and implementation of communicating business, creating product graphics, short text and video narratives, as well as making business google, naming business location maps and descriptions.

In addition, participants were also taught to create fanpage accounts, YouTube and other social media. The trainers are Instructor, business and consultant Herlina Adisasmita and Instructor, online media and digital marketing Gusti Agung Putu Earthquake.

"Micro-enterprises in Bali are expected to increase their business and trade through E-Commerce," explained Devy Virdaratu.

Dozens of business actors who attended had very diverse business products. Starting from processed culinary that has been packaged and preserved such as Candied Ginger, Snacks from Fish, Cookies, Red Ginger Powder Drinks, Processed Herbal Products to wine (Wine).

Handicrafts and Furniture products such as Rattan Wicker, Wood Carving, Silver Crafts, Incense, Decorative Lights, Sandals from woven rattan, Blown Glass to metal furniture.

Textile and Fashion Products such as leather bags, weaving, bracelet accessories and eco printing. Beauty and Health Products such as Natural Soap for beauty and herbal drink powders to, Agricultural and Livestock Products in the form of Fruits and vegetables (panenpa) to fertilizers and organic animal feed.