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Batam City is planned to become one of the major textile wholesale market centers in the country. The plan is that this wholesale market will be active in January 2022. Head of the Batam City Industry and Trade Office (Disperindag), Gustian Riau, said that the Batam City Government was currently exploring cooperation to realize the wholesale market. Communication with the developers of Tanah Abang Market and Mangga Dua Market in Jakarta has also been carried out. "January 2022, Batam will become a wholesale market hub, such as those in Mangga Dua and Pasar Senen. Last week, we conducted an assessment with the developer," said Gustian, yesterday.

He said efforts to bring wholesale markets in Batam were among others to generate markets that were not yet active. By inviting the management of Tanah Abang Market and Senen Market, as well as distributors in Jakarta to enter Batam City.

"So, indeed we take advantage of an unproductive market. So, the distributor from the wholesale market moved (entered) to Batam," he said.

The purpose of holding a wholesale market, he said, is to make Batam known to other regions. So, many people from outside other areas go to Batam. This means that there will be a much better economic movement.

“So, all traders in Indonesia can come to Batam to shop. Because Batam will become a wholesale market hub," said Gustian.

According to him, the wholesale market plan will be carried out in early 2022. The location chosen is the market in Sagulung.

“So, the system is the same as the TPID market, freeing rent to traders for 1 year. Hopefully this will go smoothly," added Gustian.

Not only free selling places for wholesalers, his party is also preparing temporary housing for traders. However, before all is implemented, there must be a clear MoU with market management.

“In the wholesale market, everything is available, from clothing, textiles and others. Anyway complete and the price is definitely cheap. This doesn't exist in other areas, except Jakarta," concluded Gustian.