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Home textile producer Sleep Buddy has full support from the Tokopedia market place to market innovative, environmentally friendly products from textile industry waste. So far, textile industry waste has become one of the largest contributors to waste in Indonesia. The waste in question is in the form of pieces of cloth that do not meet quality standards or the rest of the cloth after being used in production. In Indonesia, there are not many textile industry players who use leftover fabrics into useful goods and eventually end up as waste, which of course will pollute the environment.

 Founder of Sleep Buddy Indah Catur Agustin said, this step is a way to educate consumers to be more concerned about the environment with a new breakthrough.

Utilizing fabric waste left over from the production process for making sheets or blankets, Sleep Buddy creates new alternative materials by recycling scraps of leftover fabric to be reused into high quality and unique products such as Cushion, Table Runner and Throw Blanket which all made from unused fabric scraps. This step is so that the earth is not piled up by cloth waste every day. And of course provide an opportunity for unused cloth to be useful again.

Indah explained, Sleep Buddy is currently concerned with the environment, not only focusing on production but also concerned with the waste generated. Made from scraps of fabric from the rest of the production to be reprocessed into new products that remain quality and unique.

"Sleep Buddy wants to provide an opportunity for every piece of cloth to have a longer life," he said, Monday (11/15/2021).

Not only that. Indah also shared washing tips so that the quality of this recycled bedding product is maintained. Among other things, during the washing process, you don't need to soak and just wash your hands. Avoid using the washing machine for drying. Rinse until clean immediately dry in the sun so that the fabric fibers remain durable.

Through the latest product, Sleep Buddy wants to invite the public to preserve the environment, especially from leftover cloth waste. In launching Sleep Buddy, in collaboration with the Tokopedia marketplace, which exclusively sells special edition products made from recycled fabrics, including Cushion, Throw Blanket and Table Runner, which are only available at Tokopedia and not in other market places.

Sleep Buddy also took singer Andien as a brand ambassador who is also considered a person who cares about the environment. Andien's love for the earth of Indonesia is as great as Sleep Buddy's desire to invite the community to return the love for nature which always accompanies us with all its best wealth.

Andien admitted that he fell in love with the Sleep Buddy throw blanket. This blanket is a special product because it is woven and made manually at a pocket-friendly price of only IDR 360,000.

The owner of the Setali Indonesia Foundation, which is engaged in fashion sustainability, was very enthusiastic when he learned that Sleep Buddy released recycled products.

"Once there was this campaign, I was 100 percent happy," he said.

On that occasion, Andien also invited the public to use products, especially environmentally friendly bedding sheets.

Poppy Soraya, Tokopedia's Category Development Lead added, Sleep Buddy is a local MSME strategic partner. It is ready to support the marketing of these recycled products.