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The rainy season at the end of the year, until 2022, it is estimated that knit vests or knitted vests will be more trendy. One of them is argyle motif. The Argyle textile pattern resembles the shape of a diamond or rhombus in layers. The origin of this motif is also quite mysterious. Argyle is one of the motifs that has become the hallmark of one of Scotland's high-end brands in the 1920s This motif began to become a fashion trend in America when the owner of the Brooks Brothers label brought home pieces of argyle patterned fabric and began producing it in 1949.

This motif has become increasingly popular since teenagers and adults wear it to show a preppy look or neat and not too formal style. Although crowded in the 2000s, this pattern is back in trend as a knitted vest motif in South Korea.

 Now Indonesia often makes South Korea a fashion mecca. The influencers, fashion lovers began to follow the trend. Finally, fashion business people make a golden opportunity to sell argyle patterned products.

"In the past, they sold plain knitted vests, but now the trend has shifted to motif vests like the ones used by many Korean drama players," said Sri Fathiyah Saffatsih, a fashion fan and owner of the Syayafa Shop.

Color choices for this motif vest also tend to be neutral. Like black, gray, navy, brown, and pastel colors that seem warm. In South Korea, vests are used as a complement to fashion as well as body warmers. Of course, the normal temperature there is 17 degrees Celsius.

Syayafa or the woman who is familiarly called Yayay admitted that this type of vest or vest is in demand by all young fashion lovers. Because there are some hot weather areas that do not match the knitted vest.

"Most of the users are office people or people from areas with cool temperatures," Yayay explained.

Usually the actors in South Korean dramas combine an argyle motif knitted vest with a plain shirt. But in Indonesia, this vest fashion is more adaptive. Many Muslim women combine it with a dress or robe. In addition, a more casual model also combines it with a tunic.

The knitted vest fashion trend from South Korea is able to adapt to the fashion of the Indonesian people. So that hijabi Muslim women can also look fashionable with various trends in clothing models.

 In addition, knitted materials marketed in Indonesia tend to be slightly thinner than South Korea. So the user can be more comfortable and not too hot when wearing it.

Yayay has been marketing this trending product since last October. He predicts, if students have attended face-to-face lectures, this knit vest trend will enter campus.