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Merdeka Learning-Independence Campus (MBKM) is a program from the Ministry of Education and Culture chaired by Nadiem Anwar Makarim in order to prepare students for social, cultural, work and technological changes, so that student competencies must be prepared to be more mature with the needs of the times. . Because link and match is not only with the world of industry and the world of work, but also with a rapidly changing future. Not only students, in the Merdeka Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) program,

universities are also required to be able to design and implement innovative learning processes so that students can achieve learning outcomes covering aspects of attitudes, knowledge, and skills optimally and always relevant.

The policy objective of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) is to improve the competence of graduates, both soft skills and hard skills, to be more prepared and relevant to the needs of the times, to prepare graduates as future leaders of the nation with superior and personality. Various forms of Independent Learning-Independence Campus (MBKM) activities, including internships/industrial work practices at PT. New Suburtex.

PT. New Suburtex is an industrial place that produces fabrics. Has many employees with various types of expertise, namely design, textile chemical coloring, finance, and production. The resulting motifs are processed from motif ideas that are currently rife.

For the fabrics produced by PT. New Suburtex in sheet form in large quantities. Learning at Sebelas Maret University, the Textile Craft Study Program, focuses on techniques for making fabrics and motifs. In this MBKM Internship program, the author had the opportunity to train his design skills and see the process of printing gray fabrics into ready-to-wear fabrics at PT. New Suburtex. At PT. New Suburtex itself in the application of the printing process uses a filter printing technique using 2 types, namely rotary machines and flat machines. Rotary machine is a printing machine where the fabric that is ready to be printed moves continuously with blanket movements.

The flat machine is a printing machine that looks like a plankant consisting of a racel or squizee and the screen does not move, while the fabric that is ready to be printed moves with the help of a blanket and moves step by step according to the repeat.

While doing professional work, the author makes designs every day because PT. New Suburtex itself designs every day to produce many motifs so that they can be offered to buyers with more choices so that orders are obtained. After that, the employee will redesign whether there is a change in the image or the original design sent from the customer can be produced according to the size of the linkar screen.

The design process can be taken from predetermined images, take inspiration from the Internet or Instagram which are then copied, and so on.

After that, the motif is made using software applications in the form of Anseries and Photoshop. After the design or tracing process is complete, then the design is made colorways or commonly called a catalog of color choices for offers to customers. In this case PT. New Suburtex does not only provide black samples, but also provides an additional 4 (four) colors to attract customers.

By making designs almost every day, and seeing how the workers design very shrewdly, the author really hopes to have the desire to study more seriously and practice soft skills in designing motifs.

With internship activities at PT. New Suburtex, the author is able to understand software applications in the form of anseries used to create designs and is able to explore various kinds of motifs that are selling well in the market and the authors can directly see how the design process is done before it is finally distributed.

Independent Learning Program-Independent Campus (MBKM), students gain additional knowledge that is not obtained on campus by example, among others, being able to be responsible for what they do, being able to hone their soft skills in designing, and being able to mentally prepare to adapt to the work environment in the future.

So that the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) program is expected for universities to produce graduates who are in accordance with the times, advances in science and technology, the demands of the business world and the industrial world, as well as the dynamics of society.