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Epson launched its first 64-head direct-to-fabric printer, the Monna Lisa ML-64000. This printer caters to digital textile printing businesses taking advantage of opportunities in fashion, home textiles, sportswear and other application fields. Developed with the attention to detail for which Epson is renowned, the latest addition to the Epson Monna Lisa lineup can deliver extraordinary results with less environmental impact. This new model was developed to address the needs of the high productivity digital textile printing market and to expand design possibilities while minimizing the use of energy, water, materials and time compared to conventional processes.

"The ML-64000 was developed to meet the needs of the industrial textile market, supported by 64 PrecisionCore printheads to achieve the highest productivity in Epson's revolutionary direct-to-fabric printer series. It is the ideal choice for the textile printing business as the ML-64000 meets the flexible demands of small to large orders. "We believe this new addition to Epson's line of digital textile printers will benefit businesses with high print quality and productivity," said Head of Commercial and Industrial Epson Indonesia, Lina Mariani.

The Monna Lisa ML-64000 is controlled with a new range of printheads, featuring Epson's advanced PrecisionCore technology. Supported with 64 new PrecisionCore printheads, the ML-64000 can achieve a maximum production print speed of 740 square meters/hour. This new range of printheads combines quality, precision, speed and reliability for excellent results. Apart from being extremely durable, this printer is also designed for easy maintenance to minimize downtime.

Using conveyor thermoplastic adhesives that hold fabrics firmly and securely to avoid wrinkles and unevenness, reducing operational problems and contributing to cost savings. PrecisionCore is the latest evolution of Epson's proprietary Micro Piezo printing technology to achieve greater efficiency, quality, and reliability in direct-to-fabric printing.

The ML-64000 uses Epson Genesta inks which are available in acid, reactive, dispersible and pigment formulations in degas vacuum packaging. Genesta inks have been developed by Epson in collaboration with ForTex specifically for the Monna Lisa series, enabling precision, reliability and durability of prints on fabrics.

The exclusive vacuum degassed ink management system is designed to achieve maximum efficiency while reducing ink waste. For maximum usability, the Hot Swap function of the ML-64000 allows the user to replace an exhausted 10 liter ink bag with a new one even while a printing operation is in progress.

Epson Genesta inks are Eco Passport certified to meet globally recognized standards for eco-friendly textile printing. In addition, acid inks are approved by bluesign, and reactive inks and pigments are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved by the organic certification organization ECOCERT.