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Bekasi Regency still ranks first in the realization of foreign investment (PMA) and domestic investment (PMDN) throughout West Java in the January-March 2022 reporting period. In the quarterly report earlier this year, Bekasi Regency recorded the realization of PMA and PMDN of more than from IDR 16 Trillion or 41 Percent. In second place is Karawang Regency with an investment realization of IDR 7.5 trillion, Bogor Regency IDR 3.8 trillion. After that, Bekasi City was followed by Rp. 2.2 trillion and Bandung City to Rp. 2.1 trillion.

"Alhamdulillah, Bekasi Regency in the first quarter still occupies the first position in the realization of foreign direct investment and PMDN in West Java," said Head of the Bekasi Regency One Stop Integrated Service and Investment Service (DPMPTSP), Sutia Resmulyawan on Thursday (12/05/2022).

Likewise with the level of employment for PMA/PMDN, Bekasi Regency still occupies the highest employment rate of 7,746. Subang Regency 6,965, Bogor Regency 3,795, Bandung Regency 3,615, Bekasi City 3,344.

For the ranking of the Number of PMA/PMDN Projects, Bekasi Regency recorded a total of 2,073 projects. Followed by Bekasi City with 1,162 projects, Bandung City with 1,135 projects, Bogor Regency with 1,001 projects, and Karawang Regency with 866 projects.

The sectors that are most in demand are transportation, warehouse and communication with more than IDR 12.6 trillion, motor vehicle industry and transportation equipment IDR 7.4 trillion, while for housing, industrial and office areas IDR 5.1 trillion, food industry IDR 2.2 Trillion and Other Services Rp 3.5 Trillion.

Meanwhile, for PMA/PMDN employment, the textile industry is 13,126, leather goods and footwear industry is 4,265, trade and repair is 3,739, motor vehicle & other transportation equipment industry is 3,419, Metal, Machinery & Electronics Industry is 3,280. For the ranking, the number of PMA/PMDN trade & repair projects is 4,044, Hotels & restaurants 1,041, Other Services 723, Metal, Machinery & Electronics Industry 659 and Construction 518.