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Investigators from the Attorney General's Office (AGO) have examined the President Director of PT Panasia Indosyntex, now named PT Panasia Indo Resources Tbk, Enrico Haryono, regarding the port mafia case. The textile company boss was asked to testify as a witness. The head of the AGO's Legal Information Center, Ketut Sumedana, stated that Enrico Haryono was asked to testify as a witness related to the alleged corruption case of the bonded zone port mafia and the ease of import for export destinations (KITE) at the Ports of Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Emas for the 2015-2021 period.

"He was examined as a witness related to the KITE case," he said when confirmed in Jakarta, Thursday (12/5/2022).

Ketut revealed that Enrico Haryono was investigated in relation to his company suddenly closing due to the proliferation of imported textiles entering Indonesia in the port mafia case.

This, according to Ketut, was carried out after investigators asked for information from the Indonesian Textile Association (API) which stated that Enrico Haryono's company had closed due to an invasion of imported textile products.

"So from the API statement, the company was closed due to the impact of the flood of imported textiles into Indonesia," he said.

As is known, last March the AGO investigators confiscated 19 containers containing raw textile materials from China in connection with the alleged corruption case of the port mafia.

The Director of Investigations at the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes at the Attorney General's Office, Supardi, previously explained that the dozens of confiscated and sealed containers belonged to a person with the initials L who was known to one of the high-ranking officials at PT HGI.

According to Supardi, the confiscation and sealing action lasted for eight hours at four locations in Tanjung Priok Port on Wednesday 9 March 2022 and was led directly by the Head of Sub-Directorate for Corruption Crimes (TPK) and Money Laundering Crime (TPPU) at the Directorate of Investigation at the JAMPidsus AGO. Sharif Sulaiman Nahdi.

Supardi explained that in the case of corruption, misuse of bonded zone facilities and ease of import for export destinations (KITE) at the Ports of Tanjung Priok and Tanjung Mas in 2015-2021, there were two companies suspected of being involved in harming state finances, namely PT HGI and CV Mekar Inti Sukses. "HGI and Mekar are the main actors, just different events," he said.