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Semarang, Idol 92.6 FM- Garment entrepreneurs in Semarang City complained about the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia, which resulted in reduced demand or the European market. This will be an obstacle, if the war lasts long enough. Head of Apindo Semarang City, Dedy Mulyadi Ali, said that the market for garment products and textile products to Europe is decreasing, due to the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Currently, many requests come from Egypt, Dubai and around the Middle East and the United States. The statement was said when met at his factory in the Wijaya Kusuma industrial area, recently.

According to him, the demand for garment products and textile products to Dubai or Egypt is quite a lot. Thus, the opening of market opportunities in the Middle East must be utilized by domestic entrepreneurs as a breakthrough to cover the reduced demand from the European market.

Dedy explained that the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia on the demand for garments and textiles in the European market is currently being calculated. Especially, requests from countries that are still part of Russia are still on the side of their parent. Including, the supply of raw materials from Europe is also a bit of a problem.

"The circulation of raw materials is certainly disrupted, the accuracy of the raw materials ordered can arrive on time. Yesterday was also against a bit, but it wasn't because of the wars between Ukraine and Russia more because of the increasing cases of COVID-19 in China. So, the distribution of raw materials is somewhat hampered. Because in this world, most of the raw materials are from China. We just have to adjust, if we can't adjust, we're just playing as usual," said Deddy. 

Furthermore, Deddy hopes that the impact of the war between Ukraine and Russia will not last long and trade will resume smoothly. This is because entrepreneurs in countries that are at war will also keep their businesses running.

“There are many definite ways that entrepreneurs can do, so that their wares can still be sold. Do you have to transit to another country first, then enter the destination country. There are many paths," he concluded.