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Indonesia has great potential to increase garment production in the Muslim fashion industry, considering that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. In October 2021, the Indonesian government launched two initiatives. First, to promote Indonesia as the center of the world's Muslim fashion industry. Second, to develop wider exports of Muslim clothing fabrics and garments from Indonesia to various countries in the world. In order to support the initiative, which will continue from 2021 to 2024, the use of comfortable fabric materials is one of the efforts that can be done. Therefore, Cotton Council International (CCI) introduced cotton fiber from the United States to the Muslim fashion industry players in Indonesia.

The textile is made of high quality US cotton, comfortable and durable. CCI also emphasized how the US cotton industry is a winner of sustainability and transparency products.

Dr. Andy Do, CCI Representative in Indonesia, said that CCI's commitment and consistency in providing added value to the textile industry globally, including in Indonesia, has always been realized through various initiatives.

"We understand that the market for Muslim clothing in Indonesia has great potential so that it can be increased to generate high export revenues in the future. COTTON USA Licensing Program, COTTON USA SOLUTIONS, and Cotton Trust Protocol AS are three effective solutions to help growth textile business in Indonesia," he explained during a CC Webinar with Indonesian textile business players on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.
Three Alternatives for Textile Businesses
In order to support the growth of the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia by encouraging the use of US cotton, CCI also provides a license program to textile industry players in Indonesia.

According to Andy Do, the COTTON USA, COTTON USA SOLUTIONS and Cotton Trust Protocol U.S. licensing programs. from CCI to attract new buyers, understand the latest fashion trends in the fashion and textile industry, and to benefit from the use of US cotton.

Meanwhile, the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS Program offers free expert technical assistance to Indonesian spinning mills that are COTTON USA licensees and/or U.S. members. Cotton Trust Protocol.

Meanwhile, the U.S. The Cotton Trust Protocol benefits Indonesian textile manufacturers by enabling them to verify, measure and prove that the US cotton they buy is a sustainable product that is free from environmental and social risks.

"Through these three practical programs, Indonesian textile factories will be able to find new solutions and inspiration to accelerate their business progress, especially in the Muslim fashion industry," concluded Andy Do.