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BRI has proven its commitment to encourage small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to penetrate the international market. BRI brings superior products of national MSMEs to go global at the Turkish Senggol Market or Indonesian Culture Festival Market. Senggol Turkey Market 2022 is the inaugural event for Indonesia's economic and cultural festival. The event was the result of a collaboration between the Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul, the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) World and the Ministry of SOEs. The event was held at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, Sunday (5/6).

In addition to the Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, the event was attended by the Indonesian Consul General in Istanbul Imam As'ari. Including Arya Sinulingga, Special Staff to the Minister of SOEs (online), the Coordinator of the World Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Faruq Ibnul Haqi and ambassadors from friendly countries.

The Ministry of SOEs is always committed to advancing the Indonesian MSME business. Erick Thohir through Arya Sinulingga said that his institution continues to carry out various programs. For example, the SOE House is a place for MSMEs to develop, be more creative, go digital and go global with assistance from SOEs.

"Not only assistance, BUMN also supports in terms of financing. And even to marketing as we do in Turkey. BUMN is committed to bringing MSMEs to be able to open new markets," said Arya.

In addition to exhibitions, continued Arya, the ministry also encourages SOEs to conduct matching business with potential buyers from Turkey. "We assess that the market potential in Turkey is very large for SOE MSMEs. By collaborating with the Consulate General and the PPI, we hope that collaboration can continue to help MSMEs Go Global," he explained.

Director of Small and Medium Business BRI Amam Sukriyanto said, as a bank that focuses on the MSME segment, the company is not only empowering to increase business scale. But, it also expands the market for MSMEs. For example the Turkish Senggol Market.

“BRI has empowerment and empowerment programs. for example the BRI SOE House and BRI UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR. So that marketing is not only in the local market, but can go global," he said.

In the Turkish Senggol Market event, BRI introduced three MSME products to foreign consumers. Namely Soloputri, Rendang Oma Keenan and Duck Jawara. As a sponsor, BRI facilitates two MSME players to take part in the bazaar directly at the Senggol Turkish Market 2022.

First, Soloputri ( which is an artisanal textile SMEs dyed indigo. Soloputri was founded in November 2017 and produces high quality textiles. When producing textiles, Soloputri uses a combination of tie dye or jumputan techniques. In Javanese the term modern contemporary batik. Solo Putri products are marketed to Australia and the American market.

The second is Rendang Oma Keenan which produces various types of rendang. Rendang Oma Keenan has a wide selection of rendang ranging from rendang made from beef, fish, to vegetables.

The three Jawara ducks are processed foods with special flavors made from raw meat. This preparation is in the form of chicken and duck meat with a distinctive taste variant of the taste of the archipelago.

Amam said that currently many business actors had been promoted to BRI. Based on data from March 2022, there are 3,177 export-oriented customers in the small and medium segment. "We are optimistic that the number will continue to increase," said Amam.

According to him, BRI has a kind of "export school" where customers are invited to go through stages of a journey to penetrate the international market. Starting from going modern in terms of improving product quality, creating stories behind products, packaging, branding, including how to manage finances, marketing management, and orderly bookkeeping.

"After that, we will also invite them to go digital. Next step, we invite them to go online again. So we have started to introduce a wider market, not only the local market where he produces his goods, but also a wider market through e-commerce. Finally, we invite them to expand their market again with Go Global," said Amam.

He added that through the 2022 Turkish Senggol Market, BRI is committed to supporting the existence and development of Indonesian diaspora MSME players abroad. The event is also expected to be able to introduce and promote to the Turkish people the products of Indonesian diaspora SMEs as well as MSME products that are directly dispatched from the country.

"So that it can be a breath of fresh air for business actors to always be productive, creative and innovative to develop their products," concluded Amam.