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Labor disputes between the Federation of Trade Unions for Garment and Leather Textile Crafts and Industrial Centers and Industrial Centers affiliated with the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (FSB GARTEKS-KSBSI) Sukabumi Regency and PT. Global Beautiful Clothing (BIG) Indonesia Cibadak ended in peace. Both parties finally made a commitment to a collective agreement regarding the unilateral termination of employment (PHK) for the workers. And, the suppression of labor unions experienced by the commissariat management and its members at PT BIG.

Chairman of the DPC FSB GARTEKS Sukabumi Abdul Aziz Pristiadi said the peace agreement made at the PT. BIG Cibadak is based on a mutual agreement and received a written recommendation issued by the Manpower and Transmigration Service (Disnakertrans) of Sukabumi Regency through an Industrial Relations mediator with Number KT.17.01/1041/HI//2022.

"Then do technical things regarding the re-admission of members and Commissariat Management (PK) FSB GARTEKS KSBSI PT BIG for three stages and no later than 30 June 2022 with various provisions," said Azis, Friday (10/06).

He further explained, the provisions in the stages in the written letter. Among them, the first stage was carried out on June 13 to June 17 2022 as many as three people, the second stage was carried out on June 20 to June 24 2022 as many as five people and the third stage was carried out on June 27 to June 30 2022 as many as seven people.

Furthermore, the placement of certain job positions or positions will be carried out technically by the company without reducing the amount of wages and benefits that were previously usually received by the management of PK FSB GARTEKS KSBSI PT. BIG.

"Yes, the company also respects the right to freedom of association in the work environment and does not reject the presence of PK FSB GARTEKS KSBSI PT BIG," he said.

In addition to agreeing to make peace, said Azis again, in the agreement the company will provide facilities and space for organizational activities. Including PT. BIG will assist in the process of deducting organizational contributions from PK FSB GARTEKS KSBSI PT. BIG in Check Of System (COS).

“The FSB GARTEKS KSBSI with PT. BIG also agreed to respect each other. Will not intimidate or discriminate in any form in carrying out industrial relations," he said.

In addition, both parties will also prioritize dialogue social relations in the event of problems or disagreements. As well as maintaining harmonious, dynamic and fair industrial relations in the company. PT BIG also agreed to support gender equality and the elimination of sexual violence in the workplace and work environment.

“I thank Mr. Ary Joko Sulistyo and Trisnur Priyanto the General Chair and Secretary General of the DPP FSB GARTEKS KSBSI who really helped us in solving this problem. So that everything can go well, "he concluded.