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A number of rivers along Jalan Veteran (East Ring) in Cianjur Regency are used to dispose of waste suspected of being from a wastewater disposal plant (IPAL) and hazardous and toxic materials (B3). This is very dangerous because it has the potential to pollute the Citarum River Basin.

WWTP and B3 waste originate from textile companies in the Majalaya area, Bandung Regency. While the river flow along the East Cianjur Ring Road empties into Citarum.

"Not only will it pollute the Citarum watershed, but also the health of residents in the environment around the dump and along the river," said Head of the Law Enforcement Section of DLH Cianjur, Didin Solihin.

To anticipate the continuation of the waste disposal action, said Didin, his party made several strategic and systematic efforts. This is because, in the last two years, the Cianjur area has become a place to dispose of waste by irresponsible parties.

"Actually, Cianjur is the destination for waste disposal not only on the East Ring Road, there are other locations, one of which is in the Haurwangi area," he said.

DLH is not just sitting there. Currently, its staff will intensify patrols to a number of places that have been used as waste disposal sites.

"I was caught in the hands of a waste thrower some time ago, one of which is the result of our active patrols which have been improved so far," he explained.

Previously, a patrol officer for the Environment Agency (DLH) of Cianjur Regency, arrested three people who were caught dumping waste on the eastern ring road section of Karangtengah, Cianjur. The three perpetrators were truck drivers and two kernet people.

This WWTP type of waste belongs to a textile factory in the Majalaya area, Bandung. The perpetrators put the waste into sacks and transported it by truck.

There were 16 sacks containing textile waste which were successfully secured by officers. DLH Cianjur itself has reported the case to the West Java Regional Police.