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Textile entrepreneurs from Taiwan flocked to Central Java to build various kinds of businesses. This indicates that Central Java is increasingly becoming the main destination for entrepreneurs from abroad to invest. Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo said the conducive investment climate and ease of investment services in Central Java were the reasons investors were interested and came. "I am happy that this trade delegation from Taiwan appreciates the conduciveness and business relations between investors and the government, workers and entrepreneurs that can encourage people to be comfortable investing," said Ganjar when receiving John Chen's visit from the Taiwan Economic and Trade Representative Office in the Central Java Governor's Office, Semarang, Tuesday (26/7/2022).

Major Taiwanese companies that will invest in Central Java include Pou Chen Group, Hon Hai Technology Group, and Lai Yih Group. Pou Chen is one of the largest footwear companies in the world that manufactures Puma and Asics shoes.

This large company will later do business in the prima donna industrial areas of Central Java, such as the Kendal Industrial Estate, BSB Industrial Park Semarang, and the Batang Integrated Industrial Estate. "We welcome that later all delegates can communicate with the investment office so that they can get good service as well," he said.

It should be noted that since 1990, Taiwan has always prioritized Central Java as a province to invest in over other provinces. This was conveyed by the Head of the Taiwan Trade Economic Office, John Chen.

Chen assessed that Central Java's investment climate under Ganjar's leadership was always promising and more secure. Many investment policies issued by Ganjar spoil investors.

"From our office we always communicate closely with Taiwanese entrepreneurs because we believe that under Pak Ganjar's leadership everything will be better and smoother.

Not only that, Chen continued, his party also prepared a special training program to improve the quality of Central Java's human resources. The goal is that many human resources from Central Java become qualified workforce in Taiwan.

"And previously most of the industries that invested here were traditional manufacturing industries such as textiles. But in the future, more modern industries such as electronic technology will go to Central Java," he said