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The National Workers Union (SPN) which oversees the textile, garment and shoe industries noted that around 50 companies have not paid the 2020 holiday allowance (THR).

"The issue of how many companies have not paid the THR, there are still 50 companies that report internal SPN data, even though you know that not all of the problems have been reported to the central level," said General Secretary of the DPP SPN, Ramidi.

He revealed that the 50 factories in total employ 10,000 workers. His party estimates that workers who have not received the THR as they should be more than that, but they are not recorded.

"Well, there are 50 companies that did not pay, the number reached 10 thousand people, what about the others who did not report?" he said.

He explained that his party had submitted the matter to the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) to the Presidential Staff Office (KSP).

"SPN has data, yes, there is COVID data that to this day, even February 2021 there are still many companies that have not paid the THR installments in full. We have conveyed this to several parties, many parties, yes, to the Ministry of Manpower, then even through the Presidential Staff Office, we have also conveyed this to the parties, "he explained.

On the same occasion, President of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal explained, seeing the conditions last year where many THR had not been paid by the company, his party asked the government not to allow this year's THR to be repaid again.

"Now do you want to be paid in installments again? when do you want to pay it back, when? Therefore, we ask that there are no more installments to pay the THR as conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, "he added.

On a previous occasion, Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto asked this year's THR to be paid in full because the government is considered to have provided support in various forms. He said government policies related to handling COVID-19 would be continued in addition to implementing a vaccination program.

As for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, especially hotels, restaurants and cafes (Horeka), entrepreneurs can take advantage of the credit relaxation facility for additional working capital with a guarantee system that will be distributed through the Association of State-Owned Banks and Regional Development Banks (BPD).

"Last year, the THR was paid in installments, I ask this year to be paid in full. We have to commit, "said Airlangga