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As a company engaged in the textile wholesale fabric industry, MC Texstyle strives to improve the quality of various aspects. These improvements include product quality, human resource quality, and service quality to consumers. Owner of MC Texstyle Manav Chainani said in early September 2022, MC Texstyle inaugurated its new office in Jakarta. The inauguration of the new MC Texstyle office is expected to fulfill the wishes of most consumers. “In the first year of the establishment of MC Texstyle, we did marketing by utilizing digitalization. During the online journey, a lot of consumer input came into us, one of which was input regarding the creation of physical stores that can be visited offline," he said, Tuesday (20/9/2022).

According to him, the plan to procure the new office had actually started several months ago. However, due to several things, such as building renovations and permits, the inauguration was only carried out in early September.

"It was planned several months ago, but indeed because there are several things that need to be sorted out, the inauguration can only be carried out in early September 2022," he said.

The inauguration of the new office of MC Texstyle is also a sign that now MC Texstyle can receive direct customer visits. However, according to Manav, this visit requires an appointment so that the consultation process carried out by consumers does not conflict with each other.

"Appointments to visit the MC Texstyle store can be made by contacting our WhatsApp admin which is in the Instagram bio @mctexstyle. By making this appointment, consumers are free to determine the time of their visit," he said.

Previously, MC Texstyle did not accept consumer store visits because they only made online transactions. The marketing also relies on several online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, to the Website. With the inauguration of the new MC Texstyle office, consumers who want to come directly to consult fabrics, feel the hand feel of fabrics, or other forms of collaboration can directly come to the addresses listed on all MC Texstyle social media.

Meanwhile, for consumers who are constrained by distance and cannot come directly, MC Texstyle will still serve them to the maximum. The addition of several competent human resources was also carried out to accelerate service to consumers. MC Texstyle also provides a free master handbook containing samples of dozens of types of fabric that can be sent throughout Indonesia.

“The addition of competent human resources at MC Texstyle is done to increase the convenience and ease of transactions. To maximize service to consumers, of course we do whatever we can, including providing a master handbook containing dozens of types of fabrics for free,” he said.