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Some time ago, PT Pelindo II (Persero) or IPC raised its service rates which apply at the five international container terminals at Tanjung Priok Port. This decision has prompted a number of protests from port service users. One of them is a textile issuer, PT Pan Brothers Tbk (PBRX).

Anne Patricia Sutanto, Vice Chief Executive Officer of Pan Brothers hopes, PT Pelindo II can review the decision, considering Indonesia's economic conditions are still in the recovery stage. Likewise with the condition of industrial players in the country who were also affected by the pandemic.

"The industry needs support, including logistics costs that do not burden us," said Anne.

According to him, the imposition of a high enough new tariff could result in an increase in handling costs, which he feared would reduce the company's gross margin. "With the very high tariff increase, of course it will burden the logistics costs for the industry," he said.

He considered that this condition was not in accordance with the spirit of accelerated economic recovery, in which the industry had to carry out cost efficiency in order to continue to improve the competitiveness of their products.

"So that the competitiveness of goods made in Indonesia can be maintained, both in terms of quality and cost," said Anne.

For a bit of information, the change in the rate of lift on-lift off for 20 'containers to IDR 285,500 / box per day from previously IDR 187,500 / box. Meanwhile, the rate for the size of 40 'becomes IDR 428,250 / box, which was previously IDR 281,300 / box.

The price for stacking containers has also increased. For the stacking of 20 'containers, which was previously IDR 27,200 / box / day to IDR 42,500 / box / day. Then, for the size of 40 'it becomes IDR 85,000 / box / day which was previously IDR 54,400 / box / day.

Responding to this problem, Anne said, currently the Bonded Zone Entrepreneurs Association (APKB) has submitted an objection letter to Pelindo II which is copied to several related ministries.