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West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum visited PT Teodore Pan Garmindo in Cisayong District, Tasikmalaya Regency, Monday, May 3, 2021. His visit to the company was related to the problem of paying holiday allowances.

Uu admitted that he received information that PT Teodore Pan Garmindo was unable to pay THR for its employees directly. Therefore, he went straight to the company to communicate.

"I was assigned by the governor to communicate with the company. From the news we received in Bandung, this company was unable to pay the holiday allowance at once," he said, Monday.

According to him, the company is obliged to pay holiday allowance to employees. holiday allowance payments must be made at once, the maximum is made on D-7 Eid.

However, from the results of communication with the management of PT Teodore Pan Garmindo, it was claimed that the company was unable to pay the holiday allowance at once. The reason is that the company's cash flow is unstable.

Uu acknowledged that the reasons presented by the company management made sense. However, government regulations must also be followed.

"But we ask all companies in West Java to continue to provide holiday allowance at once, in accordance with the rules set by the central government. We are sure, if the company has the intention to pay the holiday allowance at once, God willing, there is a way. There is hope," he said.

Uu said holiday allowance payment should be a priority, including at PT Teodore Pan Garmindo. He asked, specifically in that company, the holiday allowance should be paid no later than H-1 Lebaran.

He emphasized that if the company is still unable to pay the holiday allowance, the company will be subject to sanctions. According to him, sanctions against companies can be in the form of revocation of business licenses.

"Remember big companies, progress, because there are employees. Therefore, don't ignore employees," said Uu.

According to the Deputy Governor, so far there have only been two companies that reported that they were unable to pay the holiday allowance at once. Apart from PT Teodore Pan Garmindo, there is also a company in Subang, which cannot pay THR at once.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Human Resources Management of PT Teodofe Pan Garmindo, Nurdin Setiawan said, basically the Covid-19 pandemic had many indirect impacts.

"So the buyer postponed our order," he said.

He explained that garment companies usually export their products to Europe and Asia. However, due to lockdowns carried out by many countries, product shipments outside were disrupted.

"When the lockdown occurs, their shop is closed. As a result, buyers cannot sell because the shop is closed. Besides, goods in the shop cannot come out," said Nurdin.

As a result, he continued, orders to his company were delayed. This is because the buyers do not have a place to store the ordered items. Meanwhile, the company has purchased the material, but it cannot be produced.

He added that goods that have already been produced cannot be exported because they are stuck in the company's warehouse or port warehouse. "It has left the factory, but cannot export. Then the supplier also doesn't want to send the material if there is no DP," he said.

Nurdin said, under such conditions, the company wanted to maintain sustainability during the pandemic. Therefore, paying the holiday allowance at once is said to disrupt the company's sustainability.

Currently, there are at least around 1,300 employees at PT Teodore Pan Garmindo, 95 percent of whom are claimed to come from Tasikmalaya and its surroundings. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company claimed not to lay any employees.

Nurdin said, to pay holiday allowance of 1,300 employees, a budget of around Rp. 2.6 billion is needed. With salary payments, the budget that must be prepared is around Rp. 6-7 billion. Meanwhile, currently, the company only has a budget to pay employee salaries.

Therefore, he continued, currently his party is focused on paying employee salaries. This does not mean that holiday allowance will not be paid, but it is not a priority.

"Our holiday allowance will be paid, but usually in stages. We understand that employees must accept their rights, but we also have to inform them that the company's condition is not ready. We ask for employee understanding," he said.