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E-commerce is now indeed a place to expand business to boost sales. No wonder many business activists are starting to market their products online through e-commerce.

Maria Tanesia, owner of Proven Bed linen from Tangerang, told of her business success since joining Shopee e-commerce. From an initial capital of IDR 200,000, Maria said that Proven Bed linen can now get orders for up to 150 pieces of bed linen in one day. Shopee, according to Maria, always provides interesting and different programs that have an impact on Proven Bed linen sales.

"Since selling online with Shopee, Proven Bed linen sales have increased to around 150 orders per day and have succeeded in producing thousands of local bed linen. This is inseparable from Shopee's help, which always cares about the sustainability of the seller's business, always makes the latest innovations and makes different features from the marketplace others," said Maria.

Joining Shopee in 2016, Maria also felt helped by various Shopee features such as flash sales, discounts, free shipping, other programs and promos. In fact, he admitted that the Shopee campaign program helped boost his sales.

"Various programs and major campaigns offered by Shopee such as 6.6 Rumah and Hobi Sale which were attended by Proven Bed linen also boosted our sales. We provide various promos such as discounts of up to 70%, products sold at prices below Rp. 50,000 and store discount vouchers up to 50% which will be active on certain dates during the campaign period 6.6. On the Peak Day of the Campaign, our sales reached three times the daily order in normal times," he added.

In addition, Maria said she was also helped by the Export Shopee Program. The reason is, the home business that he has been involved in offline for 8 years is now able to penetrate global markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

"The assistance provided by Shopee does not only stop at helping our sales domestically, but also abroad by participating in the Shopee Export Program since April 2020," he said.

Through this export program, Maria said sales of Proven Bed linen also always increase every month. According to him, this program makes it easier for local businesses to expand their business globally.

"I am happy with the education, training and assistance provided by Shopee so that Proven Bed linen can enter the global market. The export process assisted by Shopee also makes it easy for sellers to stay focused on improving the quality and design of our products so that they can compete outside the country. Indonesia. Our first export orders came from Singapore and until now the majority of our export orders are more than 70% from there," he said.

Thanks to the Proven Bed linen business which continues to grow overseas, Maria, who previously only had one employee, has now been able to employ up to 20 employees. Maria, who started her business by looking for materials to measuring her own sheets, has now also collaborated with local textile suppliers.

Of the various products owned by Proven Bed linen, Maria said that cotton sheets are the favorites of her consumers, both abroad and in Indonesia. In the future, Maria hopes to open more job opportunities as online sales of Proven Bed linen continue to grow at Shopee.

"The most popular order is cotton-type bed linen, this is also the product that our customers buy the most in Indonesia. Since then I am excited to be able to continue to increase export sales together with Shopee. 'Proven' itself means proven in English, with an export journey With this Shopee, it feels like Proven, Tangerang bed linen designs are suitable for customers abroad and are not inferior in quality," he concluded.