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Tanah Abang Market, Central Jakarta is closed during the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), on 3-20 July 2021. The closed markets are those managed by Perumda Pasar Jaya in Block A, Block B, and Block F. Emergency PPKM exceptions apply to Block G which sells food.

The area of ​​the largest textile wholesale center in Southeast Asia presents an unusual view, completely deserted and all entrances closed tightly. There is an announcement posted on the wall containing information that Tanah Abang Market is temporarily closed.

Usually Tanah Abang Market is always full of people shopping. Not infrequently busy there cause traffic jams. But today is very quiet. Only a few people were seen sitting on the overhang.

The decision to close the Tanah Abang Market follows the instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 15 of 2021 regarding the emergency PPKM for Corona Virus Disease in the Java and Bali Regions.

"So in accordance with the implementation of PPKM (emergency) then we will close a number of markets, namely Cipulir Market, Tanah Abang Market Block A, B, F. For Block G, only those selling food needs will remain open with a maximum capacity of 50%," he said. President Director of Perumda Pasar Jaya, Arief Nasrudin.

In addition, the closing times of other markets in DKI Jakarta will also experience changes in time. All markets will be closed according to government regulations every day during the emergency PPKM deadline.

"For the activities of street vendors who are in the market area who sell at night, we require that all shopping with a take away system, including those who trade food and beverages, cannot be served on the spot," he said.

Only in the Kramat Jati Main Market will there be no change in operating hours. Considering that the place is the center of the market in Jakarta which distributes various needs for vegetables, fruits and various other needs.

"The Kramat Jati Main Market will continue to operate normally considering that it is the center of the community's various food needs, but even though it is operating as usual, officers will continue to monitor to follow health protocols," he added.