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PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) presents an application called mySooltan which is intended to help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to be able to go online quickly and easily.

This application is based on the spirit of growing with Telkom with MSMEs and other economic actors through the maximum use of digital technology in everyday life.

Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom, Edi Witjara explained, this application is equipped with digital infrastructure that can open up new opportunities, provide creative ideas, and strengthen MSME business networks through partnerships with the community.

"There are many digital solutions in the mySooltan application that can help MSMEs to survive during the pandemic and in the era of the new normal, such as connectivity solutions (sooltanNet), point of sales (Bonum), digital store management (Sakoo) and payment applications via electronic money (Qren). )," said Eddie.

Edi said that the emergence of the mySooltan application is proof of Telkom's commitment to supporting the efforts of MSME actors as the backbone of the national economy to migrate business to the digital world. The mySooltan application is a single digital touch platform for MSMEs to easily migrate their business from offline to online models.

Through mySooltan, MSMEs can get various benefits to develop their business, regulate the business cycle, and expand the marketing of the products and/or services offered.

MSME players can also take advantage of mySooltan to strengthen their business digitally through various features. Such as setting capital prices and selling goods/services, product stock, employee management, consumer management, implementing the use of electronic money-based payment systems, to creating and printing receipts instantly.

Through various features in it, mySooltan is a solution for MSMEs in Indonesia to be able to carry out the onboarding process quickly and easily.

Telkom's support for the digitization of MSMEs is actually not limited to the mySooltan application. Edi ensured that during this time Telkom has also routinely conducted training and assistance for MSMEs so that they can expand market networks, access capital, and understand and understand the use of digital technology for future business growth.

One manifestation of Telkom's success in assisting MSMEs to go online is reflected in the success story of MSMEs Pondok Textile Kreasindo located in Bandung, West Java.

The UMKM assisted by Telkom since 2011 is one of the business actors who have succeeded in digitizing business. As a result, Pondok Textile Kreasindo can expand product marketing and survive during the pandemic.

The digitization of the business carried out by Pondok Textile Kreasindo has made this business finally able to participate in a number of international scale MSME festivals since it was fostered by Telkom 10 years ago. In addition, Pondok Textile Kreasindo is also now able to expand its domestic market through participation in the MSME PaDi platform.

The development of the business and the success of digitalization carried out by Pondok Textile Kreasindo made Telkom give appreciation to these MSMEs.

When visiting the Kreasindo Pondok Textile business location last Friday (10/9), Telkom gave them a gift in the form of increasing their sooltanNet service up to 30 Mbps. The prize was handed over directly by Edi Witjara accompanied by Executive Vice President of Telkom's Business Service Division, Syaifudin and Deputy Executive Vice President of Marketing for Telkom Regional III West Java, Davik Oktavian.

Edi hopes that this small appreciation from Telkom can be an encouragement for Kreasindo Textile Pondok and other Telkom-assisted MSMEs to continue to digitize and change the way business keeps pace with the times.

"We must enter into the digital realm together in order to improve the quality and standard of living of the people. Through massive digitization in various sectors, Telkom believes that in the future Indonesia will be able to become a leading country in the global digital economy ecosystem," he said.

"Let's, together we develop a digital economic ecosystem to realize this dream and bring Indonesia to achieve digital sovereignty," concluded Edi.