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The Ministry of Industry is proactive in monitoring the activities of the industrial sector which operates 100 percent during the implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

This effort is also to ensure the implementation of health protocols in a strict and disciplined manner.

"Some time ago, we had a working visit in Central Java to monitor a number of industrial sectors that were categorized as essential," said Director General of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industry (IKFT) Muhammad Khayam in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/9/2021).

The Director General of IKFT said that the companies being reviewed were PT Globalindo Intimates (GI) in Klaten Regency as the garment industry and PT Always Cinta Indonesia (SCI) in Salatiga representing the footwear industry.

"At that time, we had a dialogue with company leaders about the benefits and constraints of implementing 100 percent industrial operational policies," he said.

According to Khayam, the two companies acknowledged that the existence of a 100 percent industrial operational policy was very appropriate and beneficial because they were increasing their productivity to meet the needs of the export market, especially in Europe and America.

"Currently, PT GI and PT SCI are receiving an abundance of orders from Vietnam and other regional countries which are currently on lockdown due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic," he said. The overflow of orders causes PT GI and PT SCI to produce full capacity until 2023.

Therefore, both companies will increase the number of workers.

“The current number of PT GI's workforce is 3,800 people, and will be increased to more than 6,000 people. Meanwhile, PT SCI will increase its workforce to 9,000 people from the existing 5,400 people," he said.

Khayam explained, as mandated by the Circular Letter of the Minister of Industry Number 3 of 2021 in conjunction with No. 5 of 2021 concerning Operations and Mobility of Industrial Activities during the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency, industries operating during the PPKM period must implement health protocols in their production operations.

"PT GI and PT SCI, which have obtained 100 percent production operational permits, have implemented health protocols and implemented the PeduliLindung application properly," he said.

These two companies enforce health protocols that include 6M (wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, reducing mobility, maintaining healthy food and drink intake, and staying away from crowds), and implementing 3T (testing, tracing, and treatment) for all employees.

So far, continued Khayam, the vaccination rate for employees at PT GI has reached 95 percent for the first vaccine and 75 percent for the second vaccine. Meanwhile, the vaccination rate for employees at PT SCI is 78 percent for the first and second vaccines.

"Employees who have not been vaccinated are Covid-19 survivors, pregnant women, and comorbidities," he added. PT GI and PT SCI have used the PeduliLindung application for all employees to control COVID-19 cases.

From the results of the visit, the company leadership revealed several obstacles related to the PeduliLindung application.

For example, what happens to employees is that the vaccine certificate has not yet appeared, even though the employee has been vaccinated. In addition, it is difficult to enter the NIK and date of birth at the time of account creation, check-in fails, and the application crashes.

PT SCI management representative, Hardiono Arron said that the industry in Salatiga formed a social media group to coordinate with each other regarding the problems with the PeduliLindung application and other problems related to PPKM regulations. "The group provides solutions to each other for the smooth operation of the industry," he said.

During the visit, the Directorate General of IKFT team also received an explanation about the implementation of industry 4.0 at PT GI and PT SCI. Technology 4.0 that has been adopted by the company is the use of IoT, sensors (RFID and barcodes), robotics, and real-time controlling. The implementation of industry 4.0 provides the benefits of cost per minute efficiency, quick response deployment, increased productivity, and improved quality.

"According to PT GI, industrial technology 4.0 and skilled labor can complement each other which causes the company's productivity to increase. PT GI hopes that the Ministry of Industry can facilitate the improvement of workforce competencies with an industry 4.0 perspective for labor-intensive industries to increase their competitiveness," said Khayam.

Since 2018, the Directorate General of IKFT has held coaching activities related to Making Indonesia 4.0 to help accelerate the implementation of industry 4.0 in fostered companies.

This year, PT GI will be one of the companies facilitated by the Directorate General of IKFT to improve the quality of its business processes in Lighthouse Industry 4.0 Technical Guidance activities.

PT GI will receive technical guidance on the transformation of managers as well as introduction and assistance in adopting technology 4.0 that is tailored to their needs. By becoming a participating company of Lighthouse Industry 4.0 Technical Guidance, PT GI must be willing to accept other companies that wish to conduct benchmarking studies on the implementation of Industry 4.0 implementation.