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PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra is committed to introducing and preserving Batak wastra weaving, namely Ulos as one of the cultural heritages of Indonesian textiles.

Kerri Na Basaria, Founder and CEO of PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra said, "Ulos is a historic cultural heritage that has a deep philosophy of life and is closely related to the daily life of the Batak people.

Recognizing the huge potential of Ulos to be marketed at national and international levels, PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra strives to carry out various work programs that include, among others, cultural preservation, training and education of artisans, as well as community and women development.

"We are also working with training institutions and instructors to equip partonuns to improve their competence, both in terms of technical and design creation so that Ulos cloth is not only of cultural value but can also have an economic and social impact, increasing the strength of the creative and artistic industries of Indonesia. ," he said.

He continued, in carrying out the business model, the company has 2 main pillars that focus on social values ​​and also a balanced business to be able to produce environmentally friendly quality products that not only provide added value to consumers, but also bring benefits to artisans, namely the craftsmen who usually work. called Partonun.

It is said that weaving cannot be separated from the role of weavers, the majority of whom are women. Partonun (weaver) women are the main human resources to produce quality weaving.

Understanding the importance of the role of partonuns in the Ulos ecosystem, PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra consistently empowers Partonuns to be able to increase their potential and skills so that they can be stronger in maintaining, inheriting and preserving quality Ulos and having a philosophy full of meaning.

In addition to facilitating partonuns to participate in various training and education, PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra also provides support and assistance through Jabu Bonang and provides solutions to partonuns who have many challenges in the field such as lack of access to raw materials, complicated marketing, and cases of domestic violence. Stairs (KDRT) which is often experienced by partonuns.

The role of PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra in improving the competence and quality of life of partonuns was also felt by Denita Manihuruk, Partonun Partner & Champion Jabu Bonang.

He said that being a partonun partner opens many avenues for a better life.

"Together with Tobatenun, I have attended the Workshop on Weaving Ulos Motifs and Natural Dyeing. Not only adding skills but also holistic knowledge that is closely related to partonun life such as simple physiotherapy movements and reproductive health. Of course, these ongoing facilities and assistance are very helpful for us craftsmen to improve the ability to be both a weaver and entrepreneurship," he said.

Kerri said that until the end of 2021 as well as welcoming National Mother's Day, PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra will carry out a series of activities to increase public awareness of the heritage of the archipelago's wastra fabrics, especially weaving and the artisan ecosystem involved behind it which is dominated by women.

In September there will be activities (1) woven shawl competition in the area of ​​Jabu Bonang's artisan weaving partner. In October there will be (2) charity auctions for woven scarves and the launch of the 2022 Heritage calendar. Meanwhile, in November PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra will hold (3) webinars entitled From Heritage to Legacy and Heritage Goes to School activities aimed at providing cultural literacy especially Batak culture to the community.

The series of events will be closed in December, with (4) two activities, namely a pap smear activity for women partners of Jabu Bonang Partonun and seminars for Partonun as an effort by PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra to improve women's health literacy and cultural literacy for its artisans.

"We at PT Toba Tenun Sejahtra are optimistic that through the various programs we carry out with other strategic partners, we can open public awareness about the importance of preserving and preserving the archipelago's literature, especially Batak literature. We hope that our efforts can also have a positive impact on the entire weaving ecosystem and become part of improving the regional and national economy," he said.