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Smesco collaborated with Lakon Indonesia to hold the inaugural performance of the KRTA project which was initiated by Leonard Theosabrata as the President Director of Smesco Indonesia and under the Ministry of Cooperatives and Culture. This project aims to strengthen the learning function and skill enrichment for small and medium-sized industry players. In addition, the Founder of Play Indonesia Thresia Mareta explained that the standards of fashion SMEs are currently still not stable, so there needs to be improvements with coaching and teaching programs.


"Our research studies traditional Indonesian clothing from the west to the east, then explores traditional textiles in the regions, to the development of new patterns, silhouettes, and then simplifies patterns so that they can be easily adapted by MSMEs in various regions," he said at a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (05/18/2019). 8/11).

Smesco Indonesia also hopes that this silhouette can be used to develop MSMEs throughout Indonesia and can be accepted as a new Indonesian clothing that can be worn widely throughout Indonesia.

Thresia added, with a simplified pattern, it will help execution in the future because with the silhouette it will be able to be developed according to their respective regions. He added, fashion SMEs will need to be trained to have professionalism when working and working.

"We need to train them to have professionalism in their work and work, because when they enter the international world they need good standards and good service to their customers, and consistency includes quite a lot of products and the results must be consistent," he said. .

Thresia said that at the inaugural KRTA show on Thursday (11/11), 200 pieces of cloth from various regions would be used. In addition, this show will also involve around 100 fashion SMEs from various regions.

The President Director of Smesco Indonesia Leonard Theosabrata also added that research and development will help MSMEs in the future, and with the creation of a blueprint on Indonesian fashion silhouettes, he hopes this will become a new car for Indonesian MSMEs.

“The process we start with research and development, then we create a module, from that module we pilot, from this piloting and then the blueprint comes out. From this blueprint, we will provide Indonesian MSMEs with training and assistance to access to markets," explained Leonard.