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Learning and improving skills is important for industry players, including small and medium industries. This prompted Smesco Indonesia to initiate a movement called KRTA, a part of the Future Fashion initiative, the idea of Smesco Indonesia's President Director, Leonard Theosabrata. Starting this initiative, Smesco collaborated with one of the country's well-known brands, LAKON Indonesia to produce a series of silhouettes that are useful for developing MSMEs throughout Indonesia. The movement, which is also fully supported by Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), is named Aradhana.

A total of 60 looks utilize traditional fabrics (wastra) from various regions in Indonesia which include batik, tenuh ikat, songket, ulos, and various other woven fabrics. Aradhana is a part of LAKON's journey that carves and stores many stories and knowledge from previous trips, which are then collected for the future.

“The theme of our presentation this time is Seen and Unseen, about what is seen and what is not seen, about all the work we do behind the scenes. All of this actually takes up a very large portion and also requires more energy so that what happens behind the scenes cannot be ignored,” said the founder of LAKON Indonesia, Theresia Mareta.

The design presented in this show aims to raise the richness and potential of the diversity of Indonesian traditional textiles which are national treasures. SMESCO together with LAKON Indonesia try to provide inspiration in processing the wastra so that traditional fabrics can be worn by all Indonesian people.

In addition, experiments on cuts to maintain the perfection of traditional techniques and consider the use of various traditional textile materials. The stages of exploration of the history of traditional clothing and textiles were explored to create a series of clothing silhouettes. The silhouette is an affirmation of the clothing that has been wrapped around the body of the Indonesian people.

All patterns are then simplified so that they can be adopted by fashion-based SMEs from various regions. Thus, small and medium industry players in the fashion sector can get models to develop their businesses from time to time. In addition to fashion silhouettes, this collection is also equipped with accessories from supporting partners.

The KRTA project, one of the results of the Future Fashion initiative, is expected to be a forum to unite diversity in Indonesia, which makes the country more special. This collaboration with LAKON Indonesia is the first step for more industries to experience the benefits.