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The Ministry of Industry has issued an incentive for the purchase of production machinery for the textile and textile product (TPT) industry. Director General of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industries (IKFT) Muhammad Khayam said that the provision of investment incentives was in the form of facilitating the use of machines and/or equipment that were more modern, more efficient and energy efficient as well as more environmentally friendly. Khayam said the program had boosted industrial performance by increasing investment in machinery and equipment by Rp13.82 trillion,

increasing production capacity in industry by 21.75 percent, increasing production realization by 21.22 percent, energy efficiency by 11.86 percent, and increasing the number of workforce of 28,295 people.

In addition, this is also part of the fulfillment of greenhouse gas emission mitigation in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26), as well as a continuation of the restructuring program of machinery and/or equipment for the textile and textile industry as well as footwear and leather. since 2007.

"The textile industry is one of the sectors that has priority for development," said Khayam in his statement, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

A similar program will be carried out again in 2021 with a focus on the fabric refinement industry and the fabric printing industry. The machines and equipment that are given the stimulus are machines or equipment that adopt industrial technology 4.0, including artificial intelligence, internet of things, augmented reality or virtual reality, advanced robotics, 3D printing, and machine to machine communication.

There were eight companies in the fabric refinement and fabric printing industry that were given these incentives.

 The eight companies receiving the program are PT Surya Usaha Mandiri, PT Sinar Para Taruna, PT Guna Mitra Prima, and PT Budi Agung Sentosa. Furthermore, PT Ayoe Indotama Textile, CV Purnama Tirtatex, PT Sipatex Putri Lestari, and PT Dunia Setia Sandang Asli Textile.

Khayam hopes that these companies can continue to utilize the machines and equipment that have been invested to increase productivity, efficiency and product quality in the context of the progress of the company and the textile industry in general.

 "We will continue this program in 2022 and in the coming years to increase productivity and competitiveness of the textile industry, as well as provide a positive signal for industries that will invest," he added.