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PT. Bimex Perseroda currently has a capital and assets of Rp 3.8 billion. The President Director of PT Bimex, Ir Frentindo, said that this year his party is optimistic that it will maximize the capital, to boost revenue achievements for the region. Moreover, now it has officially become PT. Bimex Perseroda, and a complete organizational structure began to be formed. "So the assets that we have, there are buildings, land, and other immovable assets. In total, it is around Rp. 1.150 billion plus a capital investment of Rp. 2.7 billion. This means that when we run for business, we will be given a capital of around Rp. 3.8 billion.

For now, what we are running is for business support,” said Frentindo, after the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) of PT. Bimex Perseroda, Wednesday (5/1).

He explained that business financing at PT Bimex was in several sectors, such as port operations, garments and textiles, subsidized LPG supply, plantations, and including transportation. For this reason, his party is optimistic and confident that business activities will get additional revenue for the region.

"This will not drain regional finances. I don't think so, we are also cooperating with other parties. PAD targets, we will discuss in the next few days. So that everything is clearly described. How much per quarter, how much per year. PAD that we have achieved," he explained.

In addition, it also opens up space for partnerships in the private sector and banking. Bearing in mind, the asset value which is still at 3.8 billion is deemed not to have reached the target. For this reason, PT Bimex Perseroda is also open to other financing.

"Because Bimex's total financing is still far from sufficient. This means that we are still collaborating with the banking sector, our partnership to meet the efforts of this business sector. Initially, our reference was Rp. 132 billion. This means that with Rp 3.8 billion, "he explained.

To note, in the GMS of PT Bimex Perseroda, the legality of the company was also confirmed, and the notary made adjustments to the agreement in the GMS. "We are set to run PT Bimex Perseroda, starting today we are on behalf of PT. Bimex Perseroda. This means that it is legal, in accordance with the provisions. Also all assets are included. So clear everything went smoothly. Hopefully it will run smoothly for us to run the business opportunities that we have," he explained.

In the GMS PT. Bimex is led by Assistant II of the Bengkulu Province Secretariat, Fachriza Razie. According to him, the Bengkulu Provincial Government fully supports the running of this regional company. It begins with the submission of reports from the board of directors and supervisory board. Which will soon turn into the board of commissioners after the note is ratified in the follow-up GMS.

“We agreed to establish a new organizational structure, based on the governor's decree. It will be legalized as soon as possible, but now PT Bimex is still running its business activities,” he explained.