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Textile and garment issuer PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk. (BELL) targets this year's sales and profit growth before tax of 8% compared to 2021. On the occasion of the public exposure, which was held virtually, Director of BELL R Nurwulan Kusumawati said that her party this year is optimistic that it will print a better performance. This has been felt since 2021 which is considered to be a moment of increasing performance for BELL through retail clothing brands JOBB and Nicklaus. JOBB is a local product brand owned by BELL itself, which consists of suits, formal pants, casual clothes, shirts, and so on. Then, there is also a licensed brand Jack Nicklaus which is more focused on producing casual clothes.

"Regarding the capex, we previously planned to allocate Rp 15 billion to Rp 16 billion. This is focused on restructuring machinery, as was done the previous year," he explained, Thursday (27/4).

He continued, the value of this capital expenditure or capex will continue to be adjusted based on future conditions and the economy. He admitted that he was still carrying out efficiency measures to continue to innovate his products.

This efficiency measure is one of the things that supports BELL's performance throughout 2021. His party reaped a 20.46% decrease in sales or at Rp. 428.2 billion from Rp. 538.2 billion. On the other hand, his party managed to reverse the loss position into profit attributable to the parent to Rp2.28 billion, from a net loss of Rp15.5 billion.

It also succeeded in expanding local products in the international market, with an increase in export sales of 40.9%.

"For exports, we will continue to cooperate with finished garments and establish relationships with existing customers to create new product innovations," added BELL's President Director, Karsongno Wongso Djaja.

He continued, his party mostly exports to China and India. Regarding the country's expansion, his party stated that this year's export point had not changed, but admitted that it had added new customers from several countries.

Apart from China and India, the countries that are targeted for export are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, England and Costa Rica.

"At this time of Eid this year, we believe that we will contribute to sales. In the first quarter of 2022 there will be an effect from the fourth quarter of 2021 on price increases and the scarcity of raw material prices. In the second quarter and throughout the second semester of 2022, we believe that we will experience strengthening both in sales and performance. overall," he said.