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The Central Java Provincial Government has taken concrete steps to create a quality workforce for companies through training at the local Textile and Footwear Industry Center for Industry and Trade. Workers who have been given training are guaranteed to be 100 percent accepted to work in companies, especially in the textile and footwear sector. Head of the Central Java Province Disperindag, Arif Sambodo said that the Textile and Footwear Industry Center had been established since 2008 and trained more than 51,800 workers. And 65 percent of them are placed in companies, while the rest open a home-based convection business.


“This center is different from the others because we recruit participants directly or through the vocational special job exchange (BKK). After we get prospective workers, we immediately invite business actors," he said while accompanying the visit of the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo at the Textile and Footwear Industry Center, Thursday (2/6/2022).

For prospective workers, a data collection of interests is then carried out, so that it can be adjusted to the needs of the company. This is so that prospective workers are able to master the skills that are in accordance with the needs of the company where they will work later.

“What is being trained and needed by the company is appropriate. Our curriculum and tutors are tailored to the needs of each company. Tools or machines, as well as facilities and infrastructure have been adapted to those in the company. This training was conducted for 20 days. For prospective workers, register for free, get a dormitory and a free meal during the training,” he continued.

So far, his party has collaborated with 13 companies engaged in the textile and footwear sector, which are ready to accept graduates from the Textile and Footwear Industry Center.


“Yes, it can be said that it is 100 percent acceptable in the company. Currently there are 13 companies that make requests (labor). For now, we are training 275 prospective workers, and by 2022 we are targeting 1,400 workers to be ready to be employed," he explained.

The Center for Textile and Footwear Industry Program is intended as a measure to reduce unemployment in Central Java.

 “This trained workforce is in the context of alleviating unemployment. In addition, as an effort to improve the economy in Central Java," he explained.

Compliance Manager of PT Mas Arya Indonesia, Gihan Jayasooriya said that the workforce who graduated from the Textile and Footwear Industry Center had expertise that played an important role for his company engaged in the garment sector.

“So the expertise they have is very important for the company because they already have good skills and attitude. With the workforce that is already in place, we have basic skills that are very helpful for company productivity related to targets, attitudes and work commitments. We have been working together for the past year," he said.

Meanwhile HR and Compliance Manager of PT Pan Pacific Jakarta Semarang Branch, Tri Jaka Pamungkas said that his party had made an MoU for employment with the Textile and Footwear Industry Center.

“We are in the garment industry. Why take graduates at this Balai because there is an MoU on employment. They are ready to work and have basic sewing techniques. In addition, they are equipped with the motivation and mentality that we really need in our company,” he explained.