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The popularity of "Citayam Fashion Week" (CFW) has not subsided. In fact, so excited, this phenomenon caused polemics from various parties. Citayam Fashion Week started with the activities of a group of teenagers who are now members of the SCBD community (Sudirman, Citayam, Bojonggede, Depok) in the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman area, Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta. The group of teenagers who came from areas around Jakarta came to the Sudirman area by using the KRL, then gathered and expressed themselves in various forms. One of the first things that caught the attention of the public was their unique style of dress, so the term "Citayam Fashion Week" emerged.

The actions of the teenagers also received attention from the wider community, including celebrities, religious groups, and a number of Indonesian officials.

In fact, a number of officials also styled and walked like models in the SCBD area, as did the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan and the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil.

Citayam Fashion Week even inspired some people in other areas to carry out similar activities, as happened in Bandung, Sukabumi, Malang, and Surabaya.

However, along the way, CFW also caused other problems, such as traffic congestion in the area, and the struggle for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) over the Citayam Fashion Week brand by a few parties.

As is known, recently Baim Wong and his wife, Paula Verhoeven, received scorn from the public because they took the initiative to register Citayam Fashion Week as a brand with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham).

Baim and Paula are known to have registered CFW as a trademark through PT Tiger Wong Entertainment.

In addition to Baim Wong, those who also registered Citayam Fashion Week as a brand were Indigo Aditya Nugroho and Daniel Handoko.

However, DKJI confirmed that Baim Wong and Indigo had withdrawn their application.

Textile company from Pekalongan registers "Citayam" as a brand

DKJI revealed that it not only accepted IPR applications for the Citayam Fashion Week brand, but also for the "Citayam" brand.

Director of Brands and Geographical Indications DJKI Kemenkumham Kurniaman Telaumbanua said, PT Textile Industri Palekat had applied for IPR on the "Citayam" brand.

"Citayam is also being proposed for its brand by PT Textile Industri Palekat in class 25," said Kurniaman referring to the brand classification system class which includes clothing ranging from footwear to headgear.

PT Textile Industri Palekat registered "Citayam" as a trademark on Monday (25/7/2022) with registration number DID2022053465.

As the name implies, PT Textile Industri Palekat is a textile company located at Jalan Raya Simbang Wetan No. 259, Simbang Wetan Village, Buaran District, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java.

Regarding the proposal, Kurniaman explained, DKJI is still waiting for a letter of objection from the public.

"In accordance with the statement given by the Acting Director General of Intellectual Property (Plt. Dirjen KI) Razilu, DJKI is waiting for the objection letter to be taken into consideration in the trademark inspection," he concluded..