Deputy Chairman of the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), Juan Permata Adoe, said that there was a need for harmonization to bridge the textile, garment, and domestic convection industries with a growing thrifting market. Juan said, this harmonization could be regulated by the government through the Directorate General of Indonesian Customs and Excise. Promosikconsisten to maintain quality, Blesscon won the Top Brand Award 3 years in a row "The government needs to regulate this, because the textile and domestic garment industry is what drives the country's economy and provides public jobs, while imports of foreign clothing will benefit fast fashion companies that can throw their products into Indonesia and seize the domestic production market, "Said Juan.

Previously, textile businesses in Solo claimed the demand for fabric affected by the mushrooming of the Thrifting market which was loved by young people.

Staff of the Indah Nusantara Color Shop (WIN) Solo, Wagiyati, said there was a decrease in the demand for WIN products due to competition experienced by their customers with the Thrifting market.

"Regarding Thrifting, which imports clothes from outside targeting directly to consumers, it is indeed influential with the demand for our products, and it is recognized by our customers that their markets are starting to compete with the sale of imported clothing," Wagiyati said at the Indonesia Apparel Production Expo (IAPE) event to -8 at Diamond Solo Convention Center, Friday (3/3/2023).

Wagiyati said WIN customers were dominated by distribution business. Combed fabric products from win are often sought to make distro shirts, he added.

The distribution which was once in great demand by young people was claimed to have begun to decrease in demand due to the rise of the Thrifting market.

Wagiyati said the way they still maintain the volume of demand so as not to go down is to continue to follow up WIN customers and add networks. Expansion also began to open by opening a new shop in Malang March 2023.

Win, who has a factory in Ceper, Klaten, initially only has a shop in Kampung Sewu, Solo. Slowly in the last 3 years the textile business has succeeded in opening a shop branch in Sragen, Klaten, and the latest in Malang.

Creative Marketing Knitto Textiles who were also present at the IAPE at Diamond Solo Convention Center, Raisa Regina, said that his party was always ready to face new competitors in the textile industry, including competition that grew from the rise of imports of used clothes from abroad or Thrifting.

Raisa said Thrifting still has a very special market segment in Indonesia and her demand has not been able to defeat the demand for new clothing needs provided by the textile, garment, and convection industries.